Community Performances in 2018

Saturday, 11th February
Brinsworth House, Twickenham
February Group Brinsworth 2018
Sunday, 7th April
Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, Putney
RNH Group April 2018
Sunday, 17th June
Acton Care Centre
Acton Care Centre
Sunday, 23rd September
Denville Hall, Northwood
Denville Home photo
Friday, 5th October
Silver Tea Dancers at Westminster Care Homes

Silver Sunday begins with the Lord Mayor Cllr Lindsey Hall, Cllr The Lady Flight and Cllr Heather Acton visiting various care homes in Westminster. Chelsea Ballet were invited to dance for the residents, visitors and staff.
Silver Sunday Westminster care homes
Sunday, 21st October
Galsworthy House Nursing Home, Kingston upon Thames
Galworthy Care home perforamce photos

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