Chelsea Ballet at Brinsworth House

Chelsea Ballet has always had a policy of performing at hospitals and residential homes. In this way we can take ballet to those who cannot get to a theatre and give them the experience of dancing with the dancers, the costumes and the music giving a full theatrical experience.

We do these for free because all the dancers welcome the opportunity to perform and get a chance to perform pieces that they wish to do. It also is very rewarding with the immediate feedback that we get from these audiences and the ultimate satisfaction is when we consistently get asked back to perform again. If a venue wishes to give a donation to our funds that is gratefully received, as we are self supporting, but it is not a condition of us giving a performance.

We are very adaptable to where we can perform, although space will restrict the size of any group dances. A reasonably-sized area and a suitable non-slip floor are basic requirements, along with a changing area near to the performance space and a location for music equipment.

Chelsea Ballet at Brinsworth House

We mainly perform within the London area, but do have some venues further out into Surrey. Some of the venues we have performed at are St Thomas’ Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Brinsworth House, Star and Garter, The Royal Marsden, Sunrise in Purley, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and a number of Bupa homes in Surrey (Wingham Court, Arbrook House, Oakcroft and St George’s).

If you would like us to perform at your venue then please contact us using the contact us form.

Community Performances in 2020

Sunday, 26th January
Spring Lane Care Home, Muswell Hill
Chelsea ballet at Muswell Hill community performance
Saturday, 15th February
Brinsworth House, Twickenham
Saturday, 28th March
Westbourne Park Day Centre
Saturday, 16th May
Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, Putney

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